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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Have you been to the Candian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan website?

    You're right, there is no Canadian lemon law like we have in the US.

    You've got a busy history with this vehicle, but what's wrong with it now that hasn't been fixed? I agree, the least amount of fixed, recalls and etc. is ideal, but now that they're fixed what else is not working properly?

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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    On that website, I came up with some information:

    Does this apply to you? "If your vehicle is leased, your contract is for twelve (12) months or more, and the lessor of the vehicle has agreed to use CAMVAP arbitration."

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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Right at this moment in time i'm waiting for 2 abs hub/sensor and the steering parts.The brakes steering lights and seats on this truck have been on ongoing battle since the begining. The dealer has never really been able to correct these problems. they fix them and shortly afterwards the problems come back. I told the dealer that i really don't understand the problem with the repair of these parts since they should be the exactly the same as to what is on all colorados and canyons on the road.

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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    I don't really see the problem myself.

    Being a lease are you stuck with this dealer?

    I'm just wondering if you have dealer problems and not truck prolems.

    I would say go to another dealer. If you can.

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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    No i have really no dealer problems. As a matter of fact many of the management,sale staff and shop crew are regular customers of mine.

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    Default RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Well, you're obviously unhappy. Did you try the Candian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan? GM is part of that so you can see what they have to say and maybe they can give you some relief.

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    Default Re: RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Quote Originally Posted by firstbuzz2000
    No i have really no dealer problems. As a matter of fact many of the management,sale staff and shop crew are regular customers of mine.
    I donít think you understood what I meant.

    Sometimes a dealer will do work in a way so that the work comes back.


    Clear codes in the computer so you think they fixed something and not do the work so that it comes right back.

    They get paid, by GM or you for the work the first time and then again when you bring it back.

    Itís not common but it does happen. Unscrupulous,(if thatís a word) dealers can get away with this.

    Have you ever actually stayed to watch the work get done?

    I know my dad used to mark parts when he brought his cars in for regular service only to find the jobs were never done.

    He once brought a car in for itís regular oil change and marked a tire and the pavement below. When he got back the car was never moved.

    Not saying this is the case but it is possible.

    Or that the help is not competent.

    Just making suggestions.

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    Default RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Those are possibilities. I have seen it happy before, especially when under warranty. Dealers can see that as a license, sort of lilke some doctor's offices see insurance companies ... free money.

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    I've wondered in the past if this was happening to me. I didn't realize that dealers were getting paid by the mfg for every check/inspection/repair they did. It all makes sense now! I bet it happens % wise at lot more than any of us wish to think. Thank God I found myself a decent shade-tree-mechanic for my old burb.
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    We will see what the problem is soon. I have started with the gm customer service a couple of days ago and file a complaint on this truck.The dealer actually recommended that I go this way because that way he's got something to show his Boss and that he is not complaining on my behalf but that i do actually have a problem here with this truck.I don't know but we will see.I really like this truck, the looks that is, only if i had one of those reliable ones that you all seem to have.

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