I have a 2005 Tahoe and on the way home last night the truck start to squeel. It sounded like power steering when its low in fluid. It was not a belt squeel but more of a bearing shhh shh shhh. If that makes any sense.

I put my ear close to the alternator and its making the sound from there. I checked the power steering fluid just to make sure.

I guess my question is three part. What is the life expectance on these alternators? I have a 93 K1500 that has the original in it still.
Part 2- Is it as simple as it looks to replace. I have changed out the older ones but not the 5.3.

Part 3- My codes say 160 Amp Generator. I am assuming this is the alternator amp I need to get.

I plan on taking the truck to Advance Auto to get the charging system tested. I would not be so concerned but I have a 3 month old child that travels in this truck and with 10 deg weather outside I can not afford for it to let me sit.

Maybe its fine, suggestions?