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Thread: e85 flex fuel

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    Default e85 flex fuel

    hello people i have a 2007 ltz sub with a k&n intake,corsa exhaust, 20'kmd rockstar rims, and the superchip. just so you know. but really how does the truck run with the e85 ethanol, compared to reg gas.

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    I've never used e-85 but i have heard you get less mpg's and you lose some performance. Keep in mind this is what i've heard and have never used it so hopefully someone can give you first hand experience.
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    2008 silverado
    1500 crew cab
    5.3 L 4x4
    Borla exhaust, rbp black tip
    tint, bed liner
    2.25 in ready lift leveling kit
    18x9 rbp 94r
    33x12.5x18 toyo mts

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    Cool e85 flex fuel

    You do lose H/P and mileage, but the cost is alot less per gallon. Ive only seen one e85 station and it was about .60cents a gollon less than regular unleaded.

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    Actually you make more power on E85. Its not much, but its probably just as much as adding an air intake or exhaust! I've ran it, didn't notice any difference other than crappy fuel mileage. Last time I ran it I got 9mpg, usually get 12. Click on the specifications tab. The 5.3 gets 11 more hp and 12 ft/lbs on e85.

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    Default e85 flex fuel

    thanks alot , im going to leave flex fuel right where i had it, at the gas station, LOL

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    love the truck, are those rockstars. Have to send u my truck pics

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    i have a company truck that uses e85 the octane is 100 it runs good and no problem with power but your milage will drop about 20 percent but it si about 50 to 55 cents a gallon up here in minnesota cheaper so it is a trade off

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    I've got an '01 S10 that has a four cylinder and jsut so happens to run on E85. Turns out, it has never run on E85 before and its recommended that you don't put mix the fuels, putting in 1 for 1 tank, and then doing the other for the next tank. domes something to the engine. So make sure you know what you want to do before you pcik a fuel. E85 does affect the mileage a little, but not the power. At least, not enough to notice. Hope that helps

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