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    Default The Green Machine

    The 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche knows a thing or two about environmental responsibility. Its FlexFuel Vortec 5.3L V8 engine (standard in 4WD models and available in 2WD models) runs on gasoline or E85, a renewable fuel source that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, with an engine that also features Active Fuel Management™, which allows for the seamless transition from eight cylinders to four cylinders when extra power is not needed, you're in for a more efficient ride.


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    Ok send it over
    Peter Smet
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    Gives me a headache to look at that color scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Gives me a headache to look at that color scheme.
    Yeah, but it breaks up the over all look. I think that's why I like the cladding, is aside of being functional, it cosmetically breaks up the vehicle, and gives it depth. Something like two tone paint jobs.

    although I don't like the two tone on my burb...Maroon, and silver.
    Rhode Island

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    Is e85 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline?

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    Also, I have a problem with the term "Greenhouse gasses".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Is e85 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline?

    I have been thinking of building my own still, growing sugar beets and changing our present vehicles over since gas went over $2 a gallon.

    I really don’t understand why they insist on making it out of corn, when sugar beets makes more ethanol per acre than corn. And it can be grown anywhere in the country.

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    Default Why Corn?

    because the whole entire idea of using ethanol for fuel is nothing but politics.
    it has been brought up and abandonned quite a few times here in the country, and always was relevant to 2 factors:
    1. huge lobby pressure from corn producing states, where, currently, use of locally produced booz for fuel is enforced in some states, and you can't even buy "pure hydro" anymore.
    2. this idea, due to its "low emissions" speel, was always used by politicians, like georgy, to pitch their "concerns about environment". they just don't quite speel on which emissions are good, and which are the bad ones that come out of ethanol as fuel, what it does to engines, how much less power you get out of it (= more refueling and more zoo-zoo to the mighty ones).
    as of making a still and your own booz fuel, go to motherearth website, they have down to a screw blueprints of how to make any fuel - ethanol, or biodiesel.
    so far, most of bright automotive ideas are coming from japan and europe. see any flexfuel engines coming from that neck of the woods? no. what you see, is stratified fuel injection engines and diesels that run forever, run for up to 90 miles on a gallon, and produce less emissions than E85 engines.

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    I used the 85 in my 2002 Tahoe flex fuel and the gas milage was worse. It is cheaper but it seems like you have to use more of it. SO your spending the same money but i guess your saving the environment.

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    !!!Seems to be a pattern!!!

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