221,150 MILES- still love it- it will be 6 years this June.
I had manifold gaskets done-2 years back
Should have done it myself-lone story
I have an oil leak-not horrendous-I'll have to track down a fix
But it is still EXTREMELY reliable-Oh-changed starter also-went with a reduction starter instead of stock direct drive

Wow-just popped hood-
WHERE IS THE COIL?? I haven't changed a coil since 1976-on a 1971 383 Cuda (and it didn't really need it-I was just "improving" its performance(wasting $$)
You let me know where that sucker is when you find out?
Guessing it is buried somewhere near distributor??
How dod you know you need one??
PS Still love it-I'm going to be more flush soon- 62 yo SS- so I might upgraded to a 2004-but probably not-this one is so reliable-might not be an upgrade