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    Default Low oil pressure (maybe)?

    Ok, I keep forgetting to post this so I'm doing it now before I forget (again). The oil pessure is my truck, when completely cold, is about 32 psi. When it's warm in park, it's roughly around 18-20-ish. When it's warmed up and I'm stopped in gear, it only holds about 12-13 psi, and hold about 25 (at the most) when cruising around 70.

    On my old Suburban, It would hold about 40 when cold, but it would stay around 32-35 when warm basically no matter what.

    Does this seem normal? Maybe I'm just used to the old 'burb? Or should this be something to I should look into? I'm just not used to it varying so much.
    Current truck: 1996 Ford 250, 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. Dana 60 SAS, stage 1 160cc injectors, T500 High Pressure Oil Pump, TS 6-position chip, full 4" exhaust, intake, 285 Falken Rocky Mountain AT's, boost/EGT/trans temp pillar gauges, etc...

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    Thats not good I would put a mech.guage on it to make sure NASCAR runs 10 lbs. for every 1000 rpms and it should be getting 60lbs. cold

    99 tahoe 2 dr. 4x4 7.4 4L80-e NP246, SAS, dana 60 hp, sterling 10.5 rear, gibson headers, and alot of tricks of the trade !!!!!!IF YOU'RE NOT CHEATING YOUR NOT TRYING!!!!!!!!

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    Well 60 psi on these older models is like mine is like maximum pressure (unless they just felt like stopping the guage at 60 lol). Are you thinking of the 96+ models? Cause our '96 'burban's guage goes to 80, but will hold 60 when cold.

    EDIT: I'm going to put and mechanical oil pressure guage in when I have some money (I'm a flat broke college student haha). Wait... no I wasn't. I was going to put in a new temp guage cause mine is all wacky... Well I guess I'm puttin' in a new oil pressure guage while I'm at it!
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    It should still run up pretty high on that gauge Hell it jan. I know what your'e saying about being broke my reality check just bounced. If you can borrow one and zip it to the wiper for a day just to check it that would answer if it has enough to run safely

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