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    Default overheating/coolent/water temp guage?

    So, here's my story, a few weeks ago I was driving and noticed a smell, then a minute lator I noticed my water temp guage said I was at about 240 degrees. So I drove home, about a quarter of a mile. Popped the hood and let it cool down. I have a coolent leak, I was reletivly empty. Well since then, I keep a close eye on it, cause I probably can't aford to fix it at the moment. I know there is plenty of coolent in there. The thing thats getting me is, before, and like most cars I've ridden in, the water temp guage always showed me running right around boiling, 212. Now it doesn't seem to get over 160*. Now if that was it, then I wouldn't be to worried, but after driving awhile, when I park the truck and go pop the hood it has that "hot" smell to it, if that makes since. So what should I do? Is it easy to get an after market water temperature guage and instal that? Should I replace the thermostat? I'm kind of at a loss. I've noticed my leak is extremely slow, so I can't trace where it's comeing from. Any pointers on that? I would just take it to a shop, but like alot of folks, I'm unemployed, so the more I can do myself the better off I'll be. I certainly don't want to burn my engine up. So yeah.... any pointers, advice, etc... would be great. thanks.

    *correction, "now it doesn't seem to get over 185"
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