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    Default rear axle angle?

    I have a 1970 c-10 and the drive shaft is rubbing the at the hole in the frame. The only way i can see to fix this is to rotate the rear axle a few degrees to lift the drive shaft up a little. I'm wondering how much of an angle is still ok so that the diff/driveshaft connection still functions properly. thanks
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    First I'd find out why it's rubbing on the frame.
    Is it due to less weight on the rear because of the missing bed?
    If this is the case will you be replacing the bed with something or will it remain like it is?
    If you'll be putting a bed back on in the future I'd probably attach some weight to the very back of the frame to simulate the missing bed.
    If you plan on running it sans bed I'd trim out the porthole enough for clearance and a little extra wiggle room then weld bracing across the bottom to replace the metal you trimed out.
    I wouldnt change the pinon angle, if you do it's easy to get things out of whack and create bigger problems, from the looks of things that r/r axle is running a factory angle deviations from factory if not done right could create a situation where your eating through U-joints prematurely.

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    it was rubbing a little before i took the bed off. but now i cant drive it at all. whoever had it before me cut out that hole by about a half inch or three quarters on the bottom. so that tells me something was up before. there is no telling what is original and what is not. Even when i get the bed back on, it still will have to have something done. i just dont know how or how much.

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    In the picture it looks like its running an extra set of springs, the blue ones dont look factory, that could be the cuse of your problems.
    If you dont need the extra springs it might be best to remove them and work on leveling the ride with the factory provided springs.

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    I talked to a mechanic about it and he told me that it is a replacement driveshaft and that crossmember is more than likely where the bearing for the old two peice shaft went. this new one is aluminum and bigger around so thats why the previous owners cut out the hole. Rather than mess with all the rear end i just cut the hole out bigger and so far so good. Im sure it will be fine as long as i keep it on all fours. oh and with the bed off the blue springs arent even touching the frame. about a quarter inch gap.

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    Those trucks never had a two piece shaft, let alone a carrier bearing there. A larger than factory replacement shaft I would agree on but the rest I think was a line of bull.

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