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    Default If it's not one thing it's another....

    This post is not just me venting. I also have a good question. Here goes. My wife's 03 Durango had the driver's window get stuck half way down first of all (since the cold started). Then the power steering pump went out. I replaced the power steering pump (during a warm streak of 30+ F) so it was at least driveable. The pump now leaks between the resevior and the pump but I keep a bottle of fluid with me just to get around because it's too damn cold to be outside fixing it again. Now the shifter sticks in park for a bit and only budges after reving the engine and flailing around in the drivers seat with rage. After it finally budges the trans shifts perfectly fine so I'm guessing it's something between the actual shifter and the tranny. Being more familiar with manual trannies I'm not sure if the shifter is transmitted to the tranny via hydraulic line or what but being that it has been between 0F and -10F the past two days when this has occured, I'm thinking it may be something frozen somewhere. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, both for making it through this novel of a post and for any suggestions. I'm just thankful that my Silverado continues to run strong with 77k on it.


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    if you cant shift out of park with your foot on the brake the safety switch might be shot

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    I'll check that out thanks.


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    Have you tried "flailing around in the seat with rage" before starting. You never know!

    Seriously, shifter to trans is mechanical not hydraulic. Low fluid and safety switch could both be affected by extreme cold.
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    Hmmmmm.... If you really love her get her a CHEVY for Valentines day and burn that Durango!

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    Lol I'm actually trying to get rid of that Durango and get an older Tahoe or Burb. The problem actually stopped. I'm thinking that the problem originated with the window being stuck half way down and snow/moisture getting everywhere. Pretty sure that caused something to freeze because now that the window is up and it has had time to warm up and dry out the problem has been non-existent. Next time I will try thrashing around before starting though. You never know, these dodges are so finecky lol. Thanks guys. BTW I pulled the power steering pump back out and put a new seal between the resevior and the pump and now it works like a dream, no leaks!!


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