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    Quote Originally Posted by k.daddy1 View Post
    Before you go pulling off the heads, your describing a common problem with Chevy's. The 5.7 or 5.3 very seldom have head gasket problems. I have repaired close to 40 vehicles with leaking anti-freeze problems. It is typically on the passenger side of the engine, either the front or back water jacket seal between the intake and heads. If you have never had issues of the engine overheating in the past, I'm pretty sure you don't have a head gasket problem. Are you still running the orange anti-freeze in your vehicle? If you are, there is a possiblity you'll have to replace the intake itself becasue the corrosion caused by the anti-freeze. Then again you may get by with just replacing the intake gasket.

    Very good points. Unless you've severely overheated the engine, the likelihood that you've ruined the head gaskets is very low. The likelihood that you have a bad intake mani gasket is, however, very good. I'd at least start there, since you'll have to pull off the intake either way you go!


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    Like stated previously. If antifreeze is getting into your oil you have a bad intake gasket. I had this problem in my 1997 Malibu becuase of that great coolant called DEXCOOL, it ate away at the LIM gasket and cuased a big old mess. Check your oil level if its real high the coolant is in with the oil. You can sometimes smell the DEXCOOL as well.

    Again this is assuming your still running DEXCOOL in your engine. If you do proceed with changing the gaskets. see if they have came out with a revised intakes gaskets, I know they did this for the 3100 and 3400 V6s they are rubber and metal gaskets, then just rubber that came from the factory, and make sure to completely flush the old coolant out before putting in new. I dont know if the same applies to the V8s.

    For the Malibu I bought my new gaskets from Flepro, if that help narrows a sreach down.
    353HP of american V8

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    If you got coolant in your exhaust then there is a major possiblity of a cracked or warped head

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpon2009 View Post
    If you got coolant in your exhaust then there is a major possiblity of a cracked or warped head
    Well that's what I thought but as it turns out I finially got around to taking the manifolds off and there was no water coming from either side. I drove the truck around a bit when I was putting it in the shop and the water got into the cadaletic converter from the first blown head gasket. Thanks for the suggestions

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