Hello, I recently bought a 2001 Sierra Z71 with some problems and I'm looking for some advice. When I bought the truck, the “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light was on. When I hooked it up to the diagnostics machine, the error was “P0332 – Rear Bank Knock Sensor” so I decided to purchase 2 new knock sensors from a seller on ebay. When I pulled the intake, I discovered that the old rear bank knock sensor was very corroded and wet. Anyway, I replaced both sensors, hooked the original wiring harness back up to them and put everything back together. After reconnecting the battery, I started the truck and the light was gone. However, after driving the truck for about 10 miles, it came back on so I again hooked the diagnostics machine back up. This time, I got errors for both sensors (P0327 & P0332). I’m wondering if I have a defective wiring connector or if it’s just a problem with the cheap sensors I purchased from ebay. Anyway, I’m really hoping to avoid taking everything apart and would appreciate any advice or suggestions you all may have.