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    Default Laminate Flooring Tomorrow! Whoo Hoo!

    The carpet is trashed, we clean it now each month and it's just getting harder and harder to do. So Costco has the Harmonics 2-in-1 on sale for $1.97 per square foot, so it was time to jump in and get r done. That's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow.

    - Demo the carpet and baseboards.
    - Clean and prep the floor
    - Start putting up the floor in the dining room, moving onward to the living room, two hallways, entertainment center cutout and bookcase cutout.

    It's 550 square feet and I might get some help. I figure it will take 10 hours by myself, 5 hours if I get someone with some skills and then we'll have awesome flooring tomorrow. Baseboards might not go up tomorrow, just depends if we want to paint them/stain them first or not.

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    Good luck with the project. Make sure you have a good underlayment. Keeps the squeaks down. I did a bedroom last year. Bought a bunch more on craigslist for less than a $1/ft. 12mm the good stuff. Lots of folks have it stacked in their garages, and just want to get rid of it. Put tile down in the dining room and the hallway. Now I don't get freaked when one of the dogs is lazy.

    P.S. Good how to videos on youtube for a refresher course.
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    I love laying that stuff. It is WAY easier than you think. My first time doing it over 4 years ago, it took me a total of 8 hours to do 1100 square feet. I just did my parents house with it, and it took me about 6 to do about 700. I've probably done a total of about 10,000 square feet of that stuff, and I love doing it. If I were closer to ya, I'd do it for ya for free (beer, lol). Just remember to hold it out a 1/4 in away from the wall. And even if you go with a cheap underlayment, it shouldn't squeak too bad unless your sub floor isn't fastened properly. I've always just used that cheap Styrofoam crap and it's GLORIOUS!

    My other advise is buy the installation kit from a hardware store that comes with the little mallet, board set and beater block. It just makes it so much easier to install. You will have to hammer on the stuff without it, and you'll ruin it that way. I've heard that even though it's glueless, you should still silicone the joints, but I've never had any complaints about not doing that.

    Lowe's has it for cheaper, unless you are going with the darker color. It was a dollar a square foot there. I saw the stuff at Costco too. I think one of my customers did by that stuff, lol.

    Then after that's done, you get the fun job of trim!
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    Thats my next indoor project for the upstairs hallway and office, I've been dragging my feet on getting started.
    I bought 4000 sq ft of Pergo commercial flooring for .65 a sq ft and they threw in 5000 sq ft of underlayment padding/moisture barrier for free, I found it on Craigslist. I wont need all of the flooring probably only about 400 sq ft, I'll resell the rest and hopefully make my money back.

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    I got the dining room demoed and ready to lay down, it's moving pretty fast. The main room is just a large rectangle, that should be easy, just have to watch for the cutouts and it will be all good. Want to make the wife happy, she likes this look and it's better for us than carpet with bad allergies, etc.

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    Never said this before. Man, I wish I would have worn kneepads today.

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