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    hi well i would put aother battery in and start it up. once it is running unhook the battery. if it dies it the altinator. .
    I'm going to strongly discourage this test method on a modern vehicle. It might have been OK on an 81, but not a newer vehicle. The output of your alternator is not very "clean". There are voltage spikes, and AC leakage. These conditions can be detrimental to the sensitive electronics and computers in modern day vehicles.

    The battery serves two purposes. First, and most obviously, is to store electricity. This it the power to start the truck, listen to the radio when the engine is off, courtesy lighting, and maintain computer and radio settings. But it performs another function, just as valuable. It works to filter the alternator output. The battery is capable of absorbing the voltage spikes and AC waves from the alternator, and protect the rest of the vehicle electronic components.

    The OP's symptoms are classic alternator failure. But if the battery is original, I would plan on replacing it too. The deep discharge would probably finish off an eight year old battery.
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    I just experienced this problem. The battery was less than a year old so chances are it was not the battery. All wiring and fuses looked good. My deduction was that the alternator was telling the car that the battery was not charging as I was getting a display message. My guess is that the alternator on my 2004 Chevy Suburban finally quit with 110,000 miles on it. I have an 8.1 litre engine so it took a little research to find the tensioner pulley to release tension on the belt to allow it to slip over the alternator. I got a replacement alternator that puts out 105 amps. I did not need more than that as I do not run extra equipment in the truck. I would say the whole fix took less than 45 minutes. The old alternator required a little "convincing" to come out of the bracket even with the bolts removed. I used a crow bar to pry it loosen it and the new one required a little gentle taping to get it in....but all went well.

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    Default never, ever ever ever disconnect your battery while its running!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoburbun View Post
    My wife was driving home last night and the lights went dim then dark and my Chevy died - no electric - she was locked in on the road. I went over - toowed her off the road.

    Any suggestions on trouble shooting?
    NEVER DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY WHILE THE VEHICLE IS RUNNING!!!!!! EVER!!!!! theres a very good chance you will cause a surge and fry your computer.

    charging systems are not the same anymore, so the old trick with disconnecting the battery after it is running will not work to test an alternator anymore. your alternator gets voltage readings from the computer telling it to charge or not when it needs to. by disconnecting the battery, the computer will not have a 12 volt lead to the computer to be able to tell the alternator to charge, therefore the truck will die

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