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Thread: play in wheels

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    Default play in wheels

    ok so i know ive posted alot of threads here in the last couple of day, and im sorry for all that. just seems like everything all went bad at once. my question now is when you jack the truck up under the a arm should the wheel have any play in it or just a lil. I was thinking it should have just a lil but not much.
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    Buddy if you have noticable play you need to pony up for some new ball joints. Sorry. I seem to be the bearer of bad news alot. Dont think i am any better. I have issues with my ride to.
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    man ive had ball joints go out on several trucks and its not nothin like that. the drivers side has a some play side to side and a lil up and down so im bout sure that s the hub bearing. but the passanger side has no play up and down and very lil side to side. souldnt it have some play side to side. I mean its very lil on the pass side, thanks

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    Default Ball joint test

    Side to side play is not a good indicator of suspension faults. Put a jack under the front A arm and grab the wheel top and bottom and give it wiggle. The more play, the more wear. It is just a "feel" test so opinions vary on how much play is acceptable.

    This video makes it very obvious:
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    yeah its not near that bad and the play aint in the ball joints, that i could notice anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by dshewy14 View Post
    yeah its not near that bad and the play aint in the ball joints, that i could notice anyways

    Probably the hub/bearing assembly.

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