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    Default New, just a few questions

    Hey all, my name's Jefferson, I'm new here and still haven't quite picked out my truck yet! I was hoping to get some advice from you all.

    I'm looking at the '99-02 style silverados, I really like the styling and engine options. I'm shooting for the 5.3L and looking at black, blue or maroon colors.

    What kind of mileage would you guys say would be acceptable?
    I'm looking at upwards of 150,000 miles as the ONLY available trucks around here!
    I'm not sure how long these trucks will last?!

    I'm checking out a 2001 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 tomorrow for $7500 with 180K on the clock. I was thinking of offering a lower price maybe? What should I look for in terms of repairs or bad spots?

    Just any advice you guys could offer on things to watch out for would be great!

    Thanks a ton, I appereciate it,


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    I guess it all boils down on how good the truck was taken care of.

    Good Luck

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    welcome aboard.

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    In my opinion the 5.3's are pretty much bullet proof. Obviously nothing is perfect but is a solid motor. I would watch for the rocker panels. They had a tended to rot out. If you see bubbles on the paint or soft spots there going and there is almost no way to stop them.

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    Welcome to the club! Good luck in your vehicle hunt. I think you cant go wrong with any silverado,it all boils down to how it was taken care of. I would also try to find a friend that knows something about trucks and engines etc. if you dont have anyone that can do that for ya then I would look it over with a fine tooth comb look for leaks,tire tread I would pop the hood look at the color of the oil look at the differentials everything! I would also look up kelly blue book in your are for that type of vehicle. I just did it for my area. I found a 2005 with 95,000 for 9998.00 I also found a 1999 with 107,000 for 8895.00 and I found a 2001 with 126,000 for 5295.00. I think that you would be paying way too much for that truck with 180k.

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    You've come to the right place. I'd pretty much echo what the others are saying. The biggest factor is how well maintained the vehicle is. Does the previous owner have complete maintenance records? What type of oil does he use and how often was it changed. You live in an area with some tough weather so the rust could be a factor. Take a refrigerator magnet with you and try it several places along the rocker panel and fenders. It will stick to metal but not to Bondo.

    Good luck with your search.
    2010 Silverado Ext. Cab LTZ 2 WD 6 ft bed
    5.3L 6 speed w\ 3.08 rear end
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    It's a start!

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    i agree 7500 is a little steep i paid$( 8600 cad) for my 2005 chevy silverado with 139,000km in mint condition

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    Welcome to the site.

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    Regular or extended cab? I'm kind of new to the truck scene too, so I'm not sure if all Z71's are 4WD or not, so is it 2WD or 4WD? Check out and play around with the options to check on the value of the truck in your area. I did a general check and for an extended cab, 2WD Z71 with that mileage said $5900 in excellent condition as a private party value. Not sure if the truck you're interested in is at a dealer or not, but if so, you can check that value on the site too. I think $7500 sounds a little steep too. If you're willing to travel a little bit (100-200 miles maybe), I would think you could find one with less mileage for that price. Good luck, and welcome to the site!

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    Thanks guys, I just got back from checking it out, the piston slap at start-up was horrible, can anybody else confirm if this is usual for the 5.3 manufactured after 2000? Seems kind of absurd since I JUST looked at a 1999 5.3 with NO piston slap at start-up. I think after what you guys have all said, I'm going to just keep looking around.

    This is all very frustrating, there aren't very many silverados in the area that aren't in good condition! Guess I'm going to have to gas up and travel out of the 30 mile zone!

    Thanks all.

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