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    Default What do you think of green people?

    Does anybody get pissed like me when you here people say to go green and that big vehicles are bad? I just cant stand people who want to put stricter rules on how cars and trucks are made.
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    It depends on what you mean. People who think we should have clean air and water ... well, who's not for that? But it has to be reasonable and it can NOT kill the economy!

    There are nuts out there that want us to go back to horse-and-buggy type of lives where we dont commute for work, fly in airplane, eat red meat, use toilet paper or any of that. I think we can have clean air and water, and still have an economy, and not make our lives just crazy either.

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    I think that the Green initiative was awesome and still is, but that people are twisting it (ahem, politicians, ahem) to make themselves look good. Not all are guilty, but still. thanks for letting me rant

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    A vehicle that is more "green" is okay with me I suppose. But I don't believe in being too extreme about it. I am all for a "greener" move in the auto industry, as long as it doesn't suffer too much on power and can still haul what I want!

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    Green is good to an extent, there has to be rules or we'd burn the planet out and turn it into a large toxic dump.
    If you ever traveled overseas to countries that have no restrictions you'd understand better.
    While on Active Duty I visited countries that had no rules about chemical use and disposal most of their lakes and rivers were terrible, large fish kills, wierd algie growths, basically nasty water you wouldnt want to touch.
    Sadly I've seen this happen in the U.S when large industrial plants arent kept in check, travel up the Elizabeth river in Va. sometime, they have fish with large red weeping sores from the chemical waste that was dumped in the river.

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