I just bought an 03 tahoe and it was already lowered, dont know any history on it as to who did the work....i have lots of questions

it is lowered 2" in front and 3" in back

it has toxic shocks in back with Eibach springs and it has other brand struts/shocks in front, do the tahoes have springs in front?

for those that have lowered their tahoes? is the ride solid or is it loose, sloppy? at crusing its coasts real nice but i hit a bump and it feels like a boat in the ocean.

secondly, it has powered adjustable pedals, by default does the tahoe have a very soft accelator pedal? when i go over bumps my foot kinda bounces around on the pedal and puts pressure off and on as i go over a bump causing jumpy acceleration. is this normal? something i just have to practice and get used to?