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    im gonna do it as the budget allows.. since i am also returning my 1988 K2500 to the road after years of neglect from the previous owner...


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    would these tricks work on an 06 4.3 no vortec?? also where do you start with the maf sensor and the baffle in the throttle body.

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    @ Lancer, all 4.3 silverado motors are vortec, its just a name really but yes please if anyone has tuned a 4.3 or installed a throttle body spacer, let use know!! Better than spending hundreds of dollars for nothing. Also I heard that they make a camshaft for the 4.3 that adds at least 40 hp but thats alot of work for only 40 ponies..
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    Well, I have the 4.8, but I do have a TBS, and I absolutely hate it. No power gains, no MPG gains, and an EXTREMELY annoying whistle sound on acceleration. To me, if you want to make your truck sound like it has a really weak turbo, install it. Otherwise, give it to charity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murdog94 View Post
    Im pretty sure the Vortec 4.3L is the same. However on the 09 i am pretty sure that you will void your power train warranty by messing with the intake. Not 100% though.
    Im gonna be trying a few of these tricks on my 97 blazer.. Im getting about 22-23mpg now.. Thats doing 65 on the interstate for all of you who think that number is high.. Hmm can i see 25 on the horizon.. We shall see...

    The true Vortec 4.3 came out in the mid to late nineties. One way to tell is by the casting numbers on the heads and block, you can google them to find out. What is the most obvious way to set the true Vortec apart from the older versions, if you have the heads off, the valve shroud on the older 4.3 is bean shaped. The Vortec is more heart shaped. This allows less displacement in the true Vortec heads for better compression.
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    Hey guys, glad to see your still at it. Sounds like some have had some good results so far. About the TB spacer, don 't do it. It was a huge waste of time, patience, and money. Also as for all the mods as mentioned, my truck now hates cold weather. So keep in mind your truck will not like cold weather once you complete these mods. The best thing to do is to just start it and let it sit till it's at full operating temperature. Once it's at full op temp, you will be good to go. So far I'm pushing a little over 18 mpg, and that's doing 80 mph on the hwy as well as stop and go town traffic. Not sure if I mentioned yet, but the iridium plugs are an absolute evil for that little engine. They cause it to detonate like crazy on cheap gas. My remedy for that was single electrode platinums and I run the high grade gas. High grade gas is a lot better on your engine. Low grade causes detonation which cause corrosion within the engine and is very harsh on it as well. If your on a budget, I would do high grade every other tank full.

    As for knowing whether your 4.3 is a Vortec or not, the true Vortec came out in the mid to late nineties. The older 4.3 heads have a bean shaped valve shroud, and the Vortec has a more kidney shaped valve shroud. It allows for less displacement which in turn allows for more compression. You can also check the casting numbers on the block and heads and google them. The older Vortec 4.3 before the mid nineties were named so because the type of intake that was used. It had created a "vortec" like effect inside the intake, that's all.

    Does anyone know where to find full rebuild kits for a '98 4.3L Vortec?

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    Hey Mike! Have you had a chance to get any photos of your mods yet! I'm about ready to start on the the throttle blade part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldie View Post
    Hey Mike! Have you had a chance to get any photos of your mods yet! I'm about ready to start on the the throttle blade part.

    Yeah I apologize. I been really bad about that, although I also do need to find my camera. How has the programmer worked for you?

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    Default ScanGauge

    Thanks for the up date. The scangauge I mentioned is not a programmer. It monitors your driving parameters and allows you to adsust your driving habits for the better fuel economy. There are number of ways to set this up from instant mpg readout to name it! It has been a real help for me to keep my foot light! This time of the year I can usually make 25-26+ mpg. Winter driving (and winter gas mix) drops it down to 22-24 mpg. Drop me a PM if you have any questions. Or take look at the site.

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    Unhappy Runs like crap

    guys just need a little help i followed the advise,removed the MAF honey comb screen off, and cut the throttle body baffle ofF the buterfluy, know the engine seems to serge and has less powre, and worst off the gas milage has gone down>Does it need to be reatimed know that its breathing better? these tips are going to cost me over a 150 bucks for a Maf and of coures the wrecker wont sell just the buterfly buy its self so i have to buy a hole throttle body any help would be appreciated
    2000 sonoma 4.3 vortec 2 wheel drive SLS with spyder injection
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