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    Default complete transmission fluid change

    I was told at the dealership that they recommended me having them do a complete transmission fluid change.. they charge $200 for this service... I understand draining the 6 qts or so by dropping the pan leaves some old fluid in there... how do they accomplish the complete fluid change.. is this something I can do?

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    at our shop we use a tranny flush machine, we take off the cooler line at the tranny and connect the flush machine and start the truck the pump does all the work complete is a little misleading you get most but never all of the old fluid.
    when you flush it is mixing the new fluid with the old so you wont get all of it out but i would say about 90% depending on the capacity of the flush machine i believe ours holds 17qts
    and that sounds a little expensive try going to a local auto repair shop we charge around $120 for a flush

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    Hes right, they need a tranny flusher to do it completely but its worth it. My local transmission shop did it for $95.
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    You can do it yourself. I did it to mine. Here are the instructions. Let me know if you want a price on the fluid and filter. AMSOIL ATF is good for 100K miles.

    AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Change Procedures

    It is pretty easy to do, you will need someone to pour the fluid in wile you start the truck.
    I put a rubber hose on the return line and put it into a bucket to drain while I started my truck.
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    I heard that a flush is bad for it? Its this true? I just dropped the pan and changed the filter & fluid for less than 50 bucks.
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    No its not bad. Its basic matinance just like changing your oil. It should be done at certain intervals to keep your vehicle running great.

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    only time when it can be bad if for high mileage cars that it has never been done before, flushing can actually brake up some of the junk in the tranny and may cause some problems( i have seen it happen on multiple occasions)

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    I have 180,000 on my 96. I haven't noticed anything slipping, if I was to do a flush you're saying it could create problems???
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    not saying it will but there is a higher chance of problems, the majority of problems come from fords, GM seem to be a little safer on high mileage cars being that you change the filter and fluid you should be fine mainly applies to people who have not done anything

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