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    Default mirrors quit heating

    03 Chev Silverado heated mirrors quit heating. I checked the fuses and switch all goodf. Help
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    Yeah, I'm not sure... they want to replace the mirrors? That seems like the warming element shouldn't have gone out on the mirror.

    What are they saying is the exact problem?

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    If both mirrors quit working at the same time, I will be looking at the fuses first and then the wiring, switch and so on.
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    You should be able to troubleshoot, and fix this yourself. Davandy has the right idea. Start with the fuse, and while you're there check for voltage at the fuse as well, then check the switches. Are both not working, or just one?
    Rhode Island

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    Default Silverado heated mirrors both quit heating

    03 Chev Silverado heated mirrors both quit heating. Electric mirrors work, just heating or defrost not working. I have checked fuses inside and in the engine and both are ok. Controls still work but not mirror heating. How do I get access to the button in the middle of the dashboard that turns on the heated mirrors and rear window defrost.?

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    Does your window defrost work? Easiest way to check is at the grid connector rather than having a frosted glass.

    If so, pull the mirror glass out and check for power and ground.

    If not, check for power and ground at the rear defrost relay....check to make sure you have power coming from the dash switch and on the high side. If you have both of those, try swapping similar relays around and then checking for power back at your grid.
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