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    Today I wired up a Blackbear Performance dual pin electric fan harness, removed my clutch fan, and installed a set of OEM electric fans from a 2005 Silverado. (I already had a tune installed that enabled electric fans on the PCM). Sadly, when I tested it (while the truck was cold), the truck coughed and sputtered like it was having an air/fuel mix problem and then a 'low oil pressure' warning was displayed in the DIC. I noticed that as I mashed the throttle the oil pressure went nowhere ... and was half what it should be.

    I promptly shut the truck down, removed the power and ground connections to the Blackbear Performance dual pin harness, fired the truck back up, and experienced the same symptoms. Next I removed the Blackbear Performance dual pin harness completely (i.e. removed harness' connection to pins 33 (green) and 42 (blue) of the PCM) and tested the truck ... and everything was back to normal. *phew*

    I reinstalled the clutch fan and am now figuring out my next steps. (Probably an external harness witha temp probe, but I need to find one...)

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    Today I got in the '90 only to find out my front speakers are blown....they've only lasted 22 years so they should still be under warranty right?!

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    i got mine...just bought it today...well traded for it

    '95 suburban 4x4,5.7,auto dd/family truckster/tow rig
    '95 kia sportage 4x4, 2.0 dohc,auto., crawler project

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    Today I replaced the OEM transmission cooler with a Tru-Cool 40k GVWR cooler, which I mounted with a kit from EAD Performance. I also replaced my no-longer-made Outlaw CAI and its ancient pre-oiled filter with a Volant CAI, oil-less filter, and scoop (mounted behind passenger side tow hook). I had to do some customization to the scoop in order to mount it, as my hidden winch carrier occupies some of the same space for which the scoop was built. As a result, installation took a little longer.

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    I didn't do a darn thing to her. Probably won't till the weekend. Did drive her 16 miles to and from K's though.

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

    1999 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 | 5.3 "Vortec" | Spectre "Cold Air Intake" | TransDapt TBS | Hypertech 30005 Tune | 2005 Chevy Tail Lights | Denali headlights | Grill Mounted Fog Lights | AWS Bug Shield | 265/70/16 Futura Scramblers | Boss HD Speakers | 2005 Overhead Console | Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers 2N1O | Mostly stock-ish
    Bigger Amp Alternator | Electric Fans | Transmission Fluid cooler | Paint (Halfway there)| Interior Restoration/Upgrade with newer model parts | Window Visors (In channel) | Tint | Low-Profile Tool Box | LEDs throughout stock cab locations (68% Done) | And whatever is spurr of the moment
    CVN-69 "IKE-ATRAZ" AIR/V-2 Gear Dawgs

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    i washed it

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    Today I removed my Infinity 60.9CS (front) and Infinity 462.9CFP (rear) speakers, disconnected the sub, and then adjusted the input sensitivity of my amp's channels using a voltage meter and unattenuated tones on a reference disc. Once that was done I installed JL Audio C5-650's (front) and C2-400x's (rear), reconnected the sub, and tweaked the system, some more, dropping input sensitivity where needed and setting filters both at the amp and the head unit (for good measure).

    I also installed lights in my truck box. I've not had a chance to use them, yet, or to take pics in the evening but once I do I'll write up a review.

    Last, I installed a Volant pre-filter over my Volant PowerCore oil-less filter.

    More work, tomorrow...

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    oil change with Amsoil and a put in an Optima! next is rotate the tires and replace the front brakes and rotors! stilll waiting for my amsoil preferred customer account to come in!
    2003 Silverado 2500HD
    Specter cold air
    Toyo AT's
    1972 Chevelle (project)

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    i put it up for sale....sorry people i am a ford and dodge man. the chevy just aint me.

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    Today I de-tuned the truck, went to a stealership, and had the HVAC controls recalibrated to prevent the driver/passenger side AC from blowing hot due to blend door over-travel. Once done I took a new backup and re-applied my Diablew tune without issue.

    Next I received and installed the fan shroud intended to go with the 34" radiator and a clutch fan. This is a temp measure due to my stalled efan project, and it took some hunting to find as there apparently is no fan shroud like this listed for 99-07 Sierras. ( It took digging around looking for Avalanche parts to find what I needed!)

    Next I removed my WeatherTech Bug & Stone Deflector. This thing makes me mad, as I bought it to protect my new hood sometime back and, lo and behold, the damn deflector I bought to protect my hood -- marred it. I was so ticked that I promptly ordered an AVS Aeroskin hood shield, which I received and installed today. Much thanks to @AMac for the find and recommendation on this one; it's a stellar-looking, low-profile hood shield.

    Next I experimented with my C5-650 speakers' cross-overs to find both the tweeter attenuation and midrange presence that best-suit my musical tastes.

    Last, I fueled up the truck and loaded my old CAI box into it so that I can give it to Nak.

    Long day...
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