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Today I:
  • Removed the grille and front bumper
  • Removed the transmission cooler
  • Fabricated 4 polymer spacers for the Shocker XL's
  • Fabricated 4 (different) bell supports for the Shocker XL's
  • Painted the bell supports
  • Installed the Shocker XL's to the main mounting bracket
  • Installed the main mounting bracket (with bells) and bell supports into the nose of the truck
  • Installed a 1/2"OD compression fitting to the upstream port of an electric air valve for the Shocker XL's
  • Installed a 4-port manifold for the Shocker XL's to the downstream port of the electric air valve
  • Installed the electric air valve (w/ manifold) for the Shocker XL's into the nose of the truck
  • Fashioned a new ground point for the electric valve and connected one lead of the electric valve to it
  • Sized, cut, routed, connected, and zip-tied into place 4 nylon air lines from the 4-port manifold to the Shocker XL's
  • Reinstalled the transmission cooler

The bumper and grille will remain off, for now, so that I can plumb an annealed copper hard line from the front air manifold (in the engine compartment) to the electric air valve and so that I can run switched +!2v to the electric air valve from the horn selector switch in the overhead console. Hopefully that'll be done this weekend, at which point I should be able to reassmble the nose of my truck.
I have to say Surreal, i admire your drive and your follow through. I am probably close to being done on mine. I am thinking about getting a newer Silverado like mine just for work. Good work S.........