I've been paying more attention at the body shop while talking with my body man than I think he knows ... and he probably has no idea how good my memory is. Hence, I've learned a thing or two just by watching while yapping at the shop ... and it's time to apply it. So, today I ordered the following in preparation for a polishing job I intend to do next weekend (weather permitting) ... to get rid of swirl marks that my truck came with (since i bought it used):
  • Makita 9227CX3 rotary polisher/sander
  • 3M 5/8" quick release adapter
  • Three 3M foam double-sided compounding pads (05705 [white], 05706 [black], and 05708 [blue])
  • Three 16oz bottles of 3M compounds (39060 [rubbing compound for use on white pad], 30961 [machine polish aka swirl remover for use on black pad], 39062 [ultrafine machine polish for use on blue pad])

I've eyeballed the RPM's he runs when polishing with his air polisher, and it looks like 1200-1800 is about right ... slower on the more coarse grit compounds (39060) and faster on the finer stuff (39062).

I wanted an air polisher/sander but good ones are STUPIDLY expensive so I settled for electric (which still wasn't cheap ... but it was half the price of the air tool I wanted). I'll still wax by hand using paste because I'm old-school like that.