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  • Take lots of pics ...
  • Apartment complexes usually keep a record of every tenant's plate number and vehicle description (year, make, model). If the truck is regularly in the complex, go to the main office, tell them what happened, describe the vehicle, and ask for the owner's contact information.
  • If not given the contact info but you did, indeed, submit vehicle description and plate number with your application, call the police from your mobile while still in the apartment office ... describe the hit-and-run that happened, tell them you went to the complex office (and why) but were not given the contact info, and tell them you need them to come do a report on the hit-and-run. (This lets the cops know where they can get data on the truck ... and lets the office know the cops are likely coming to see them.)
  • If you ARE given the contact info, then go home, call the police, and tell them you need them to come do a report on the hit-and-run ... and provide the info the office gave you AND tell them basis on which it was given (vehicle description).
  • Wait for the cops to do the police report.
  • Call your insurance company and tell THEM what happened and give them the police report number.

Note: The cops should be able to paint match what's on your truck with what came from his ... and what's on his that came from yours. The mere threat of this as supporting evidence for hit-and-run charges by the police should get the guy talking to you. The cops may drop it, there, if that's the case, as it's less paperwork for them to file the police report than it is for them to do that AND file hit-and-run charges. At the end of the day you don't really care if they do or don't press this as long as you're made whole, right?
This^^^^ but can almost guarantee that they will not legally be able to give you the owners info.