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    Default poor radio signal

    Ok I have a 1996 GMC K1500. I have had two different aftermarket radios in the truck. I have swapped the antenna also. here is my problem. It gets very bad radio reception. Even when I am in the town where the radio station is based. If i drive into lower areas it gets worse. It is always static or poor reception. I tried looking on here for any info on this problem. No luck. If anyone can point me into the direction of a thread or some areas on the truck that may be the problem that would be great. Yes the antenna cable is hooked up to the radio. The radio worked great in another car it was in. Thanks for any help.

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    make sure theirs no corrosion where the antenna screws into the base. If none check for corrosion from the antanna cable where it meets the base

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    Any difference if the engine is running or not?


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    There is no corrosion between the antenna and base. I'll check the othere area. I do belive the reception is the same if the engien is off. I'll check it when I go out tonight. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into it tomarrow when I have some day light.

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    How is was the reception with the OEM radio? Did you run the antenna wire or splice into the factory wire? Is there any interference with the antenna wire (ie. magnetic, etc.)? I ask, because if the reception was alright with the factory radio, then it may be your antenna adapter for your aftermarket radio. If you spliced into the factory wiring, and for whatever reason did it incorrectly, it may cause shorts or static. After market, universal antennas are coupled with enough slack to run it to the radio directly, in which case you may not need an antenna adapter at all.

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    When I bought the truck the factory radio was gone. So I don't know. The cd player part was still in it. Wich I removed and turned into a cubby hole. It didn't make any diffrence. Also I don't have any splice ect for the antenna wire. I used a plug n play kit for the radio. No spliceing of the factory wires. That always anoys me whne u have a mess of wires.

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    I know this is a very dated thread but I couldn't help but add my .02. I had a similar problem with my '89 Silverado. AM reception went very weak, followed later by FM. It turns out that Chevy had an issue with water getting into the antenna wire and if left too long the radio. I caught mine early enough and when I had it replaced, they cut the cable and sure enough water came out. Once replaced my reception was great. It happened again a few years later and I simply replaced it myself that time. I hope this is helpful to someone.

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