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    Default tires wearing on the insides??

    ok so ive been wondering what could do this... got a 6inch lift, with 35inch pro comp mud tires... brand new but again they worn down substantially faster than normal on the inside... what could be the culprit??

    i was thinking possibly the torsion bars need adjusting? can anyone shed some light on this asap please??

    i hate buying 2 new tires that go for over 300 a peice lol
    Nothin like a liftd truck goin muddn

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    Well with a 6 inch lift and 35" tires are you sure you arent rubbing at all? If your offest isnt right you could be rubbing when you turn hard which could lead to inside tire wear. your camber could also be off leading to inside tire wear. I would check for rubbing first (see if anything near your tires like your torsion bars are getting a nice polish). If not then i would get the alignment checked. Did you get an alignment after the lift and tires? I sure hope so.
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    One Side Wear
    When an inner or outer rib wears faster than than the rest of the tire, the need for wheel alignment is indicated. There is excessive camber in the front suspension, causing the wheel to lean too much to the inside or outside and putting too much load on one side of the tire. The car may simply need the wheels aligned, but misalignment could be due to sagging springs, worn ball joints, or worn control arm bushings. Because load has a great affect on alignment, be sure the car is loaded the way it's normally driven when you have the wheels aligned; this is particularly important with independent rear suspension cars.

    Generally, larger the tires harder its going to be to keep proper alignment. But with noticable wear on either edge of a tire one would be led to a new alignment job, do a rotate(front to rear and the rear cross) take measurements(or pics) and drive for 1K miles and re-evaluate.

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    i've got no rubbing... lol the lift has been on this truck for a while now, when i got the two new tires and put em on i had it aligned.. and now it's doing it again... theres nothing on the inside rubbing, i do however know that when i had it aligned the outer...or inner(cant remember)tirerod was bent a little bit but they did the alignement... lasted a while but now it does it again...
    Nothin like a liftd truck goin muddn

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000liftdsuburban View Post
    i've got no rubbing... lol the lift has been on this truck for a while now, when i got the two new tires and put em on i had it aligned.. and now it's doing it again... theres nothing on the inside rubbing, i do however know that when i had it aligned the outer...or inner(cant remember)tirerod was bent a little bit but they did the alignement... lasted a while but now it does it again...

    It may very well be time to stiffen up your springs and front end wear parts. As like most vehicles that are built from a manufacture, the vehicle is designed to operate day-to-day and last with stock parts. When one puts aftermarket additions like lifts, oversize wheels and larger tires(which weigh much more than the factory installed 245/265 sized tire) then wheel bearings, tie rods, springs, brakes etc. are going to wear out a lot sooner and more often.

    Good luck with your problem but I would start with a new alignment but spend your extra dollars on aftermarket heavier duty parts and certainly have extra cv axles and wheel bearings available for that most inconvenient repair that will eventually happen.

    I hate to be a pessimist here but I have built many Jeeps for rock crawling and for show, I have seen the damage done by not replacing the 'insides', for lack of better terms.

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    ive got two brand new hubs in there... i got new tie rod parts will get the new balljoints was going to do them either way... but the only thing for my truck is the torsion bars and the shocks i have no springs up front.....
    Nothin like a liftd truck goin muddn

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    get an alignment. With the lift and bigger tires your front end gets out of alignment faster than if not. unfortunately its just a negative of having an IFS lifted truck truck :(
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    a major thing is get someone to look at how your tension is on your torsion bars. I have a 6" procomp lift and the torsion bars were torqued to the max which pushes the a arms down lifting the truck more, and by that your alignment will suffer and your suspension will be very very stiff. After having mine adjusted it was a million times better.

    Just a thought, your issue could be different
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    Alignment, then measure your height from the center of the lugs, to the top of your wheel well. adjust your torsion bars so the height between both match up. your tires could be like this, |--=--\ Not that bad but you get the drift.
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    Default hmm

    yea i messed with my torsion bars and well now my tire is slightly like | -- / causing the out side to wear so im gonna measure the height match that up and rotate and see if that fix's it but also i need new tires regardless so i was gonna take it in for upper and lower ball joints and all that good stuff, but like everyone has been saying get an alignment make sure your bars are equal then just to make sure there is no rubbing turn ur steering wheel all the way (left and right) then personally, I use my hand and make sure it can fit between the inner wheel and fender,body and so on. the littlest contact can cause ur problem. let me know what the problem is! maybe its the same for me?
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