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Thread: Which fuse??

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    Default Which fuse??

    I removed my rear dome light to install an overhead DVD player. I accidentally shorted out one of the origional wires (orange one - constant 12v)
    Now my the front dome light won't work except when I open the doors and cargo light won't work either (brake light OK)... I cannot figure out which fuse it is.(it must be a fuse?!?!?!)
    I called GMC service, but all that they would say was to bring it in and they would check it out! not acceptable at this point!

    Please help!


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    Need to know year.

    Unless you have an owners manual, then check that.

    If you don’t get back to us.

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    Sorry, I thought that I did!
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    Default Underhood fuse panel

    Check the underhood fuse panel. This is the diagram for my 06 2500HD
    The fuse marked INTPARK just below the IGN B relay on the right side.
    This was described as "interior lights" fuse in the owners manual.
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    Thanks, I thought that I checked that one... I'll check again when I get home!
    It's funny, the dome lights work when i open the door, but not when I press the button??!?

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    Possibly the switch on the dash took all the current and burnt out the switch as well as taking out the fuse you may want to check the input output of the dash switch to make sure that it is still getting 12v and supplying it when turned on
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