I was heading back from my Dads place in Castleton Ontario back to Oshawa Ontario (Canada) No wife, No kids. (Ya you see where I'm going with this) about a 50 min drive. Feeling a bit saucing. I pull onto 401 hwy (on a sunday evening, was dead for some reason) straighten her out on long stretch. I take a good look around for Ontario provincial police and slowly ease into it.(no sense in mashing it) 60mph....80mph....100mph....120mph....135mph.
Looking down at speedo (I think I said holy crap out loud to myself.) I could just start to feel drive shaft was out of balance. Thinkin maybe I should let go...when I check my mirror in horror I see a MERCEDES-BENZ 500 at my back door (literally) he scared the crap out of me cause I didn't see him coming up. At a 145mph you don't someone beside you. I let go at 150. that dude smiled and drove off. He was still climbing. (I"m thinking does a benz come with rocket pack option..)