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Thread: 75 caprice vert

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    Default 75 caprice vert

    hey guys ,

    i am back to work on my car, i am doing the trunk right now,

    it is harder than i thought it was lol,doesn't help all my shop tools are in the wood shed, i mean a full wood shop of tools, i had to make room for my car, i had a feeling there was a downside to getting this car,

    the top is shot and there is noone around here that will replace it, then i heard 3000 and i really don't need a top, i would rather have a elcamino myself lol

    so i started to build my trunk enclosure, this is gonna need some time invested in it lmao, problem is the car is low and i am tall wtf,

    so now i have some figurin to do, whats next basically lol its in my head, just got to figure it out

    later guys

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    Wow, your trunk is a lot smaller than my 76 Impala.

    I made my sub enclosure so it was removable.

    Good luck on your project.
    Pavement sucks... :grrrrrr:

    1994 K1500 4x4 Ext. Cab
    PCM chip and Xenon 8000k bulbs bored over .050"
    balanced Crank, 10:1 compression
    Flat top pistons,cam,ported heads
    Option Racing Cold Air Intake
    Holley Throttle Body Spacer
    Accell Igition, 45kv coil
    FloTech Headers, no CATs, dual exhuast
    Goodyear Silent Armor A/T 305/70-16
    Pioneer SupertunerIII CD USB Bluetooth
    Kicker ZX200.2 ZX Amp
    Kicker Audio COMP 10" Subwoofer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejohnson03 View Post
    Wow, your trunk is a lot smaller than my 76 Impala.

    I made my sub enclosure so it was removable.

    Good luck on your project.

    i was thinking the same thing, when i seen yours, but i was thinking engine lol,

    must be because its a vert,

    yea mine will be removable also, i hope haha

    thats not the final resting place yet,

    i will work on it today and see if i can get something done thanks

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    i scrapped the original plans and stepped up my game a little, it is a 4 piece removeble unit now, hard to say out it will look after wrapping,

    this is the second time doing something like this so it is what it is,

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    Lookin' good Bro....

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    i changed that already lol

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    so figuring i had too many speakers i 86d two of them, i have done it a little different, i think this will look better, a little less packed imo,

    i am gonna do my interior pretty much the same way with buckets and a custom console, i can put more speakers up there, if needed. but here it is before fabric,

    maybe fabric tommorrow, i am thinking a nos bottle in the pointed deal, lol

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    My sub box has another two 12's pointed up at the package tray, along with the two on the back side.

    My doors are so big, I installed two 6x9 speakers in each door.

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    thanks buddy

    yeas they are huge cars ,my mom and aunts always had one, from the 60.s on ,

    so between the three of them they had some rare cars , i use to sleep on the pkg tray when i was a kid lol

    i have a set of 12'2 and 6x9 and stock speakers in my van, real loud, atleast good enough for me, the car i just want to show some decent work and good sound,

    i am too old to play the pump up the jam game, i need a motor lol,

    i am just gonna drive this occaisionally is all, the top is shot so i already temporarily taken care of that, with it's own enclosure with speakers so the sound should be good,

    and i figure i can do my interior with some 10's built into the doors, we will see and thanks for the input,

    heres what she looks like now, its a walk around vid, my photobucket is jacked, but when i got her she was green, i only like two things in green and a car is'nt one

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    boy the participation in this forum is out of control, so i will post pics one last time and be gone, its in fabric now so you an basically see what it will look like all done .


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