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    Angry sludge in oil pan....

    so i started to notice my truck was slowly dropping oil pressure for the past week and loosing power. i pulled into my driveway and the oil pressure went to 0. i decided an oil change to see if that would help. so i went to do an oil change and when i pulled the plug no oil came out of it. i checked the oil and it says i was about a quart low before this. so i took a screwdriver and stuck it in the oil drain and i pulled out a huge chunk of sludge. the oil started to drain and i just kept seeing chunks of it coming out. is there any way to clean the oil pan out without pulling it? ive heard about tranny fluid or something? just wondering because i cant get it back in the shop till i get another day off.
    99 chevy 1500 silverado 4.8 vortec True 2.5' dual exhaust with 3' Silver vein tips and vx muffler, 2005 tail light swap, mb tko 16" matte black rims Upcoming mods:HID headlights, 2" leveling kit

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    You can try the old "Drain the oil and put a bunch of diesel fuel in it and let it run in the driveway for 5 minutes trick, but I really don't like that. Then there is the 'ol seafoam in the oil trick...

    problem is that if you have THAT much sludge in coming out of the pan, you have no way of knowing how much is stuck in the oiling passages throughout the rest of the engine.

    I'm going to have to vote for "Pull the engine and open it up". Look under the valve covers too. Sludge sucks and is a pain to get rid of!
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    The two tricks Tom mentioned are probably the most popular tricks for breaking sludge.
    But I've never seen an engine get so bad it has chunks, the worst I've seen is a thick ooze.
    If you decided to use Diesel or SeaFoam I'd probably pull the distributer and turn the oil pump with an adaptor and a drill to build up pressure and run everything through the system as much as possible before starting the engine, possibly even draining the pan and dumping more cheap oil in before starting.
    My guess is your oil pump has given up the fight after working itself to death trying to pump this sludge and your gonna have to drop the pan anyways just to change it and clean the sludge out of the intake screen.

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    k. I'm running the cheap oil in it now and the pressure is back to normal and the motor is running almost perfect again. Still seems to hesitate a little so thats why im going to clean it out. Ill see when i can get it in the shop and see what i can do

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