just so ya know i went out and got me fur, i was so close to jaguar print for that pimp look lmao,i really was lol, but then i seen some black curly fur, itis real soft and it was onsale so thats what i got,

i found some peel and stick marble tile that matches my hood, and its glossy so that won for the floor, you only see so much anyway,

so i hurry home to start my assault put my newly resined pieces in, went to check the trunk for the 18000th time and it would'nt shut,

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, wtf sob gdimf, i't s only 100 bucks right, thats what i get for doing it too tight, i must of been on the edge the whole build, i figured i left enough clearance but i had to put two pieces on the top of the back piece where it swoops , i took that out and the other pieces are tight also but i think i can modify it,

i forgot about the piece that wrapped the bottom so that could of been, where the extra height came from, i will have to sand that off too, wish me luck, or wait for the fire pics, later