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    Default Part number needed for steering wheel

    I have a 2010 Sierra SL ext cab. Due to circumstances, I could not factory order a truck, so pretty much had to take the closest I could find to what i wanted. It actually seems to work out cheaper to add the options that I wanted afterwards anyways. Some packages have stuff I do not want, but some parts that I did.

    I really want a leather wrapped steering wheel, with the radio controls in it. I already have cruise, and have the standard radio. I cannot find a web site that gives GM part numbers. Does anyone know what parts I will need to get, and what the part numbers are. I am not interested in wood, and the colour is ebony. Near as I can tell I will need the wheel and the radio controls only. Are there any issues that I may run into?

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    This is the actual lookup page for and you can get an idea for the parts on here and what the options are. Not sure if you can find the part number, but they'll tell you the part number if you contact them about the parts in question on here.

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    [quote=knarad;261025]Doug, Not sure if this will help, but I have found where you can just buy the controls instead of the complete wheel. I have seen somewhere that people have done it this way instead of spending the extra money but can't remember where I read it. If I find it again I will post it here. If you have any luck installing the radio controls, let me know because I want to do it also. here is the link.

    I looked at just getting the switch, but I also wanted the leather wrapped wheel. It has been close to 30 years since I owned a vehicle without leather wheel, you get used to something and it just feels like home.

    I ended up getting the leather wheel from gmpartsclub for $178 with radio controls. They worked with me on the shipping (due to the high costs importing to Canada with UPS). Ended up being about 1/3 the cost of getting it locally. Took longer to let the truck sit after disconnecting the battery (in order to safely remove air bag wires) than it took to change the wheel. On my truck I did not even need a wheel puller, just gave the steering wheel a smack from behind on both sides at the same time, it popped right off.

    Radio controls work, as does the cruise still. It really appears like GM multiplexes the wiring in the wheel. The connector that is on the wheel with radio and cruise has the exact same number and colour of wires as the original cruise only wheel. That had me concerned initially, but it works, so I don't care how.

    BTW, I now have a standard wheel with cruise in ebony off of a 2010 Sierra SL for sale if anyone is interested.......

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