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Thread: Winter Storm!!!

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    Default Winter Storm!!!

    who absolutly HATED that storm yesterday!!! it was soo hard plowin in it after a while it was all ice and the plow didnt even get anything up. i basically spent the whole day going to MVA's on I95 and all around town. and pullin cars out of the woods. we had an 18 wheeler slide about 30 yards into the woods right befor exit 61 yesterday and the clinton highway was shut down southbound!!! who else was havin problems???just curious..
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    new tune up..synthetic oil only..turbo 400 3 speed trans, 10 bolt rear end just flushed both axles and added royal purple full synthetic gear oil...

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    Wow . Sounds like you all had it rough yesterday . Our snow storm was week and it was insane !

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    brutal storm!
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    1st snow of the year for me here in coastal NH that went over 2". Had hardly any snow here this year. Up until mid Jan it was running 60 degrees here. We got about 12" or so. As far as I am concerned this storm can be the last we see! 1st time in my life I have ever seen heavy, dense, powdery snow. Got a snow blower so it wasn't too bad but it had a hard time getting through it even. The stuff was like powder but very dense and heavy. Odd.

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    yeah this was our first"Snow storm" if thats what ya wanna call it. sucked but o well. atleast we got something.

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    Ya that storm rolled up into Canada and made a huge mess here too. Tow truck were busy. LOL


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    I'd have to say that was my least favorite storm that I've ever endured. We got a half inch of snow, followed by sleet, then rain. Temps went up to 45F later in the day.
    We've got a nice snow blower, that I would have used, but no point in trying to make it move 1/2 of slush/ice mix. Snow shovel wouldn't work, it just kept glancing of the surface of the ice. I had to clear my driveway with an old coal (square face) shovel. My back became great friends with the heating pad later that night.
    Then it went down to freezing that night so everything that melted froze up real nice.
    Just about everywhere you go it's a sheet of ice.

    Looks real nice, a little tough to drive on though. It's currently 13F outside, feels like -10F if you ask me.
    Rhode Island

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    2' yes that's two feet, of snow here.

    Got a flat with the plow truck right along a fence line and had to tear a fence section down, then dig out the truck to drive it 20' forward to change the tire.

    Then got stuck in front of the barn.

    AYA It's a Noreaster !

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    yeah the weather aint helpin my arthritis. espeshally sittin in the truck for hours with no heater haha the truck is beat but runs great. its the white plow truck inmy pic. their is a huge hole thru the bed, holes in the floor, basically everywharelol but it dont bother me at at. its a GM Truck. engine stays runnin strong forever i could care less what it looks like. its a farm truck haha.

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    Our plow truck is a 79 GMC pickup with full time 4 wheel drive and will go threw hell in a hail storm, except when one of the brakes locks up.

    That spun the tire right off the rim.

    Then after I got that out I came in the house only to find that the toilets where backed up.

    Now after snaking from the house with no luck, I dug up the septic tank and found the clog just 10' in from the tank.

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