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Then after I got that out I came in the house only to find that the toilets where backed up.

Now after snaking from the house with no luck, I dug up the septic tank and found the clog just 10' in from the tank.
Well that sucks!
I spent pretty much half of November '05 laying new sewage pipe from the house to the cesspool (I don't have a tractor, and I'm too cheap to rent a backhoe). It was the old tar-paper pipe, and it had crumbled at a bend, and created a blockage.
It sucked because half of the time, when I would dig down, I would scrape open the pipe. The stench was horrible. When the septic guy came around I asked him how he could tollerate the stink, after telling him my story. He said , "It smells like money to me!!"

Good for him. He can have it.