ok so all my work started with an exhaust leak. so i found it and it was leaking cause the factory bolts had rusted off... well just the heads of the bolt (or so i was hoping) so i got some ceramic coated headers, a programmer (just cause i wanted it) and it was time for break pads and rotors on all 4. so my buddy and i got to work. breaks were easy but when we got the factory manifold off of the side that was leaking on of the bolts was flat with the surface and the other was sticking out a bit. since it was the very back bolt that was smooth with the surface we had to pull the head off. so since we did that we pulled the other one off and had sent it off to have the heads worked on. so my buddy said that i need to buy all new head bolts.... 200.00 dollars later i got 16 bolts. sucked but didnt want to have to do all this again. so going back on we ran into a little issue cause someone reading the torque got in lbs confused with ft lbs. HUGE differance. so luckly it was just a valve cover bolt but wasnt a big deal. got it back to running and is doing great but im still loosing oil. about 1qt every 1500 miles. no puddles under the truck and no smoke when i start it up. i had the heads pressure tested when they were getting worked over. of course showed nothing. im starting to think it could be one of the mains or the oil pan just needs a new gasket... so do i have to pull the motor to the front and rear main? can i do the oil pan with ease as well. trying to add pics but not working. i hate computers.