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I checked wth them and they told me that I could get it done there at the dealership with some kind of basic 4inch pro comp suspension lift Terra grapplers 35s and moto metal 18s for 6500$???? There's no way. They told me that the local lift shop would know which one I wanted but they weren't sure cus when they checked, pro comp didn't make a 4 inch lift only 6+ so now I'm confused... Thanks in advance again
my guess is they meant 6" or the guy didnt really know. I am almost positive the ones they put on are 6" procomp lifts, usually 35" procomp tires and some procomp rims. the 6500 may be the price over the normal sticker value that they charge at the dealership if you were to buy it prelifted from them. If the local lift shop can do the 6" under warranty for you then that is your best bet. Just make sure the dealer won't screw you over later if you go to the local place.