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    Quote Originally Posted by offroadaddict View Post
    I ran into some pretty annoying issues with mine.. 30 minutes, maybe for the 2nd gear servo, not for the shift kit, i'm not sure which one you're talking about.

    i had to disconnect the trans xmember and take an air hammer to the bottom of the body to get the 2-4 servo? 2nd gear accumulator.. what ever the hell the thing in the side of the trans is. that was a pita to get out, I finally found a video saying just pull the O-ring out with a pick and cut it, pull it out and the cap pops right off.

    It'll probably take me on and off all day tomorrow to do it, working on it when there's not work to be done for the boss.

    I'm hoping ordering the o-rings from Chevy will be fairly painless tomorrow.

    Yeah I was talking about the Servo. Im not sure how long it takes people to install the shift kits. I will most likely go with a shift kit to later on.
    Bagged 06 Silverado Crew Cab.

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    It took me 10 hours, but it was also the first time I've been into any part of a transmission since school. It was the small **** that hung me up, like the 4th gear servo threw me for a loop because I thought it wanted me to put it together all funky. It took well over an hour to even get the pan dropped, the bracket that holds the shift cable had one of the torx bolts strip out so I needed to drop the front drive shaft to give me room to "persuade" the bracket out of the way of the pan, then had to drop the exhaust a little to get that little bit of extra clearance.. And then, when I figured I'm mostly done the stupid bushing/gasket for the filter took me more or less 45 minutes

    I'm sure I can do it in half the time next time.
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    03 1500 Z71 5.3 - DD/Tow rig

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    I LOVE how it shifts now. if I'm easy on the throttle, other than the 1-2 shift I can't tell it shifts to 3rd or 4th unless I'm watching the tach.

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