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Thread: Sunroof Leaks

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    Default Sunroof Leaks

    I was wondering if anyone else is having problems out of there sunroof. i have a 2009 crew cab silverado. i took it to the dealer 2 weeks ago because the sunroof started leaking water on the passenger side after a very light rain. the dealer said that all sunroofs leaks the dealer told me to park on a angle so when it rains the water would run to the drivers side..... so i took it back last week and fought with them for 4 hours and they said that he would replace the seal but it would not stop the leak. is anybody else having any problems like this and if so what did you have done to your truck. and is it true that all sunroofs do leak from factory.

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    Bring it to another dealer. I've heard on this site before about people having problems with the sunroof. They said something about the dealer had to adjust the the tract, but I'm not positive.
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    Yea theres been other complaints about these sunroofs leaking and I've heard of adjusting the tracks to do the repair. The sunroof on my wifes HHR is almost the same mechanism, they share common parts, when we had a noise in it while closing it took them a few days to get things operating right so it takes a while to work on these things.

    I'd do two things:
    First I'd bring th truck to another dealer for the work.
    Then I'd start filing complaints with GM and BBB about the first dealer, thier fix to park on an angle is unacceptable their trying to duck out of doing warranty work that they know will take time.

    Regarding warranty work what most people dont know is dealers are paid to complete warranty work by GM, theyre paid a lower rate than what they make from non-warranty work so if the shop is busy they would rather do non-warranty work, it pays better. And all warranty repairs have to be approved uner GM guidlines so it takes a few weeks for thae shop to get paid from GM vs when you have non-warranty work you pay right away.

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    Thanks for the help. i asked the sunroof guy about adg. the track system and he said that it would not help it. it goes in the morning for a new seal if it does not fix it whats the best way to handle it, lemon law, bbb, or contacting GM? whas has everybody had luck with?

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    Unfortunately taking it back to them for another repair will be the best and probably only option. Most Lemon Laws require 3 complaints/attempts to repair a problem being documented before they can or will do anything.
    Dont give up and settle though, if you have to bring it back make sure they replace or repair anything else that may be damaged by the leak i.e. carpets, headliner, seat covers.
    If this attempt doesnt repair the leak when you bring it back to the dealer also get in touch with the regional people and start inquiring what they'll do to help.

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    Hey thanks alot. this will be the 4th time of taking it back but the first time they will be fixing it. i have all my paperwork from every time i have been there over this issue.will the dealer tell me who the reg. people are or do i need to call GM?

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    the dealer said that all sunroofs leaks the dealer told me to park on a angle so when it rains the water would run to the drivers side .. what the hell its 2009 man it must be under warranty ?? but iknow the problem adj the window it self by ur self and check the rubber around the window also check is there something dust or something between the window and truck roof try to adj by yourself
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    Probably have to talk to GM, would you tell someone your Boss's phone number so they could complain about you to him?

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    Yeah make sure that you read about your lemon laws.. You will find that most things are not covered. Powertrain issues, and safety issues are mostly the only things that are covered....


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    My 2009 Suburban is at the dealership today, I was told my truck has NO DRAIN TUBES, left off at the factory? Was told that these are placed inside the wall panels? Waiting on GM Rep to call and see what happens? The dealership was great, placed me in a rental suburban until we hear something. However, went by the dealership last night while it was raining and my Suburban was sitting outside in the rain with all the inside panels removed......???????? MORE DAMAGE????
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