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Thread: duramax

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    I am thinking about buying a 2002 chevy 3500 with a 6.6L duramax with about 233,000 miles on it. I dont know much about the duramax so any opinions would be appreciated. Is that high mileage or low, about when would it need an overhaul, any pros and cons about it. Any advice would be great, thanks

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    230,000 miles is a lot of miles-so make sure the price-low to very low- so it reflects the high miles.

    Lotta folks will claim-especially when trying to sell a high mile vehicle "diesels last forever, at 100,000 miles it is just broken in". Yeah, maybe a diesel motor will last longer than a spark motor, but everything else is wearing out around it.
    Diesels are generally work trucks which means lots of towing etc.
    Nothing bad about the Duramax-good motor by all accounts.Usually comes with a durable trans-Allison.

    More Downside everything diesel-injectors etc- is expensive to repair/replace.

    Don't pay a lot for any high-extremely high- mile vehicle. Just off the top of my head $6000 or so would be tops. You will almost certainly be putting lots of money in it unless he has done plenty of recent repairs.
    Does he have any receipts of recent repairs done at a good shop?

    Only one reason to buy a very high mile vehicle-a very low price.

    Since you were asking if 230,000 miles is a lot of miles,I suspect the seller has implied that 230,000 miles isn't "high miles for a diesel" - it is a pile of miles-especially for a 7 yo work truck that was probably worked hard.

    I currently own a 1998 212,000 mile Suburban-5.7- 1/2 ton-runs great- but it wasn't a work truck-and I replaced lots of parts after buying it with 195,000 miles 3 years ago.The 5.7 is also cheaper and easier to work on than any diesel( might be more reliable-diesel fuel injection tends to be kinda fragile and expensive).
    DON'T OVERPAY-LOTTA MILES-how much does he want for it??
    Not implying anything wrong with the Duramax-nothing against diesels, but they are expensive vehicles that get worked very hard sometimes.

    How much does he want??
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    wow dude, lay off the red bull.

    IMO, and from what i read ( I almost bought an 02 long bed, crew cab with the same motor/trans w/ 165k miles) is that the injectors are likely to go soon. The transmission comes next. Like this guy said ^^^, it was probably used as a work truck, which is extremely hard on the trans. I read one story about a guy who bought his truck new with the Allison transmission, and went though 2 in the first year.

    I reccommend getting this vehicle checked by a qualified, non-dealer mechanic. It might cost more up front, but will save you headaches down the road.

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    Miles are one thing while maintenance is another. Don't led the odo be your only test, if the seller has good maintenance records to show frequency of oil/filter changes, fuel filter changes etc, weigh you decision on those factors. Diesel engines will outlast a gas motor, give you more toque for the price and they sound neat!! Only kidding of course. As for injectors, well, they are a necessary evil but again, if the filters have been changed and the motor has been well maintained you should be ok. I purchased a 02 HD with 100k on it and have been extremely pleased with performance. I was able to contact the previous owner and he in-turn led me to the garage that had performed all the service on it since new. If the price is comparable to one with less miles and you have ill feelings about the one you are looking at research it as well. Bottom line you have to go with your gut....advice is one thing, doing what you feel best is yet another and the most important.

    Hope this helps...

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    Does it have Automatic or Manual? When the duramaxx came out they had problems with the automatic Allison transmission the first few years. Ask what did they used the truck for & what maintenance did they do on it?
    Diesels can go over 500,000 miles, if they are maintained. Ask alot of Questions & let us know. From there we can give you a better answer.

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