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Thread: new cam

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    Default new cam

    i was wondering what cam shaft should i get for my 4.8l 1999 silverado 1500. i dont want to much but a little more power would be nice. thanks

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    bought an 02+ ZO6 cam for mine, i havent got to put it in yet!
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    Cool new cam

    Cam selection depends on what RPM range you want power. My friend installed CompCam # XR259HR in his 5.3 and it works very well, good low end torque and he picked up 1mpg on the highway. Makes power from 800 to 4,000rpms. The 02 Z06 cam that devilsalmostfree has doesnt start making power until 4,000rpms and makes a little less horsepower than the stock cam under 4,000rpms. Remember you have a heavy truck and not a car so unless your going racing you want a cam that makes low end power.

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    I agree. The only cam that works for trucks is a torquey, low-end cam.
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    i really dont no what all the specs mean for the cams. so what numbers would give me more torque. what brands are good?

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    Cool new cam

    I would call CompCams tech line at 1-800-999-0853 and see what they suggest. If your looking for a nice streetable cam I think the same cam my friend installed in his 5.3 will work also in your 4.8. Give them a call and see what they recommend.

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    I agree, your best bet is to call a cam company, let them know what you want out of the cam, and have them spec one out for you.
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    ok thanks ill give that a try sometime tomaro if i get a chance. so what do the numbers mean and is there a place like a wiki i could learn it all?

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    The numbers mean all kinds of things. how long the intake/exhaust stay open, when they open relative to each othe, how much they open, etc. A lot to comprehend and fully understand, like said above, call cam company, tell them what your looking for, what you wanna do with the truck (daily driver, street/strip, drag racing, rock crawling, or whatever) and they will make a suggestion. You could even tell them what RPM you want the power in, low for daily driving or towing, mid for street/strip, or high for racing. If you get a real aggressive one for racing that make big power, you will prob have to get you computer tuned also.

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