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    Arrow 2003 chevy 2500 fuel problem??

    hey guys I hope this is in the right section.

    2003 chevy 2500 115k 6.0L vortec with a 1/4 tank of gas in it last night.

    While driving home last night all was well until I gave my truck gas and it felt like it lost power. Also felt like a pop and backfire. If I backed off the gas and just gave it the least amount of pedal it would drive and be around 2k rpm. Going up slight inclines in the road it was not happy and like I said it would lose power when given gas basically falling on its face. Luckily I limped it home. I had a problem last yr where it idled low so I already changed Plugs,wires,air filter, fuel filter, injector cleaner, and cleaned throttle body. The problem was solved. Now this happened which seems to be a different problem. I am leaning towards fuel pump? What do you all think? Whats best brand to get? And whats easier to drop tank or lift the box? Can I test fuel pressure somehow? Is there a valve where I can hook up a guage? what should pressure be? thanks in advance!!

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    My '03 had the same problem at 110k. Check your filter first, E-10 can gum up the works if water gets in. If the filter is good, you will have to change the pump. My advice is to get a complete drop in unit- less to go wrong again.
    Probably easier to pull the box, you will have to pull the driveshaft to get it out the bottom. Mine was a suburban- had to go out the bottom, and it was not easy!

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    Hey it was the fuel pump that went bad. I checked fuel pressure and their was none. I didnt hear pump kicking on either. So bought a new delphi pump for 290.00 which should have been 359.00 but because the parts guys had me running around instead of informing me that you had to splice 4 wires because the connector has changed on the new pumps I got it discounted. It was very easy. Anyways, I dropped the tank and after undoing the 2 straps i just lowered it to the floor. Crawled under the truck and unclipped a few things and pushed it out. It was very easy and my first time doing it. I almost took off the box from reading everyone online saying it would be easier but I dont think it would have been easier than this. 2 straps off and the sucker lowered right down and out. also, driveshaft did not have to come out.

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