I would like to purchase a sub for a daily driver/trip vehicle. I will make some hauling trips 1-2 times a year with a 20' utility trailer with some farm implements etc. (Less than 5000 #) I would like heavy duty so componets don't wear out but I will mostly be driving unloaded and would prefer to keep my kidneys for later years. I have just found this site by wikepedia link and have been reading it--thank you who ever is working this site!!! Any info would be helpful in my search. I live in East Tenn and I will be willing to drive/fly to view and possibly purchase. Here are my desires (these aren't in concrete but preferable): rear air--that works, barn doors, 4X4, cruise, heated seats, and few if any repairs I would have to perform upon purchase. I dont want a wrench turner. I am leaning towards later year models like 99 and up but would consider older if I can verify condition and low mileage.

Whew. sorry so long but trying to be complete.

Thanks guys I appreciate any help or insight.