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Thread: Trans cooler

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    Default Trans cooler

    So today was about 89 degrees outside, and on my way home (about a 30 minute drive) my trans got up to 180. So my question is a 4 fold one.

    A.) When it hits 115, is my trans temp gonne be well over 200?

    B.)What is the normal operation temp for a 4.8 v8's transmission?

    C.)How hard and/or expensive is it to install a trans cooler?

    D.)Will my trans temps drop if i drain as much old fluid as i can and replace the filter w/ a new one?

    2008 Silverado
    4.8 V8
    2" RC leveling kit

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    depending on mileage, fluid change can help.

    A trans cooler seperate from the radiator would help also.

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    Here's the skinny,
    A) Sure the tranny temp could approach 200 when ambient is over 100.
    B) Not too sure what the normal operating temp is for that tranny but this does not sound out of normal operating temps.
    C) Easy if you have the time, an hour or so. Do you have the tow ackage? You might already have the tranny cooler if so.
    D) Not knowing the milage you have, assuming under 50K I'd say no.

    I base this off my truck. The tranny runs appox 100 degrees hotter than ambient, sligtly higher when under heavy load. I thought this was high, but my buddy at the dealer assures me this is OK. I trust him with my wife, kids and truck so he ain't bull ****tin.
    Hope this helps.
    Trevor - Huntington Beach, CA
    2007 GMC 2500 4X4

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    yea, i do have the tow package. Well, at least i have to tow hitch and the tow button on this shifter

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    A trans cooler will never hurt your truck (unless you live in Greenland where the fluid freeze's).
    The theory that at 89 Deg OAT your trans temp is 180 so therefore at 115 OAT it'll run 200 isnt exactly valid, your trans temp should somewhat mirror the engine temp on a stock engine, remember they share a cooler.
    Again an auxillary cooler, correctly placed will only help the trans, but the temps your presently see'ing arent out of order.

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    Think of it this way, the coolant going into your rad is around 190 - 200 the coolant temp gets lowered but the rad has to exchange that heat.

    The oil is usually hotter and running thru the rad lowers it's temp...

    The extra friction from towing can cook the oil which is why an extra cooler is recomended.
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