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    this is a joke right? April fools... ha...ha...ha right?
    1992 Suburban 4X4
    Custom Tough Country front bumper
    Mile Marker winch
    N-FAB steps
    6 inch Pro Comp lift
    17 inch Pro Comp wheels
    35 inch BFG A/T
    Hypnotic speakers
    Diamond Subs
    Pionner Head
    Optima yellow top

    2009 Silverado 2500 HD
    Z71 (not 4x4) :mad:
    N-FAB side steps
    Rhino Liner
    UWS Black Series tool box

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    I almost started to cry, then I realized it was April 1! Wow, awesome job with the joke today!

    Chevy Trailblazer LS 4x4
    Seattle, WA

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    WOW, you know what guys? I think I did fall and hit my head this morning.

    10 Chevy Traverse LT AWD
    02 Chevy Trailblazer LS (110K+ miles - loaded except for 4WD - WRECKED!)
    99 Chevy Cavalier LS (105K+ miles - commuter car)
    78 Chevy Suburban Silverado (454, 3/4 ton)
    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    When you consider my 96 4.3 5 speed extended cab 2WD Silverado gets 25 MPG to 30 MPG I really don't think I'm gonna believe this line of you changing this over to a smart car forum. I'll be more then happy to show you how to pull a trailer though and what proformace looks like as soon as my 85 C 10 is back on the streets. Look at it this way. When something like my Silverado hits your Not So Smart car you won't need a roll back. Just get a Chevy truck owner to haul it to the scarp yard

    <<GM trucks
    SMART CARS!!!!!!!!!!>>
    1996 extended cab Silverado with a rockin little 4.3 and a 1985 Custom Deluxe long bed regular cab with a 305 and a turbo 400 thats getting a complete restoration! Chevrolet: Like A Rock! :sign0014: :great:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post to shut down effective the first week of April 2010

    Sorry to say it folks, but it's time to move on, it's time to shut down

    I've spent the past five years putting my heart and soul into this website because of my love for Chevy & GMC trucks. Ever since I was 19 and got my hands on a 1962 GMC 3/4 pickup I was hooked on GM - and I currently only own GM vehicles. Until recently I was planning on another new Chevy Truck in the driveway.

    However, the world changed on me and it's time to face facts that the government will soon start to force all of us out of the trucks and SUVs that we love and into smaller cars that get a higher MPG. While usually I have been resistant to the loss of such freedom, maybe now it makes sense to change my attitude and go-with-the-flow.

    Please don't think that I am "giving up", I've just awakened to the new political realities and have made a decision that I think is the best for me and my family.

    I made the decision that starting later this week, will no longer be operational as it will be shut-down and re-branded as a Smart Car enthusist website.

    Let's talk about the Smart Car.

    The Smart Car has the unique opportunity to be the vehicle of choice to help rebuild the US economy - one fuel-efficient mile at a time. While you can't haul a sheet of plywood in a Smart Car, or even have four passangers for that matter - and forget about drive-in-movies. You can in fact do what you usualy do everyday, drive to work semi-comfortably in an inexpensive and fuel-efficient vehicle.

    In fact you'll love all the money that you save that will hardly even notice the vibrations in the unibody construction as you head down the freeway at 60 MPH. After a while your body will get used to the tighter cabin space and I think that even things like muscle cramps after driving for 30 minutes will just be part of your daily commute.

    I recently read an article on the Smart Car of America website entitled "Smart car2go in Texas" and it changed my life. That's right, I'd love to see Texas go from the Lone Star State to become the Smart Car State! I have plans to help promote the use and acceptance of this great vehicle in Texas and across the US. I even have ideas for add-ons like a trailer package and diesel-inspired smoke stacks.

    So, I'm sorry that the site that over 2 million people visit each year will have to shut down - but don't think of this as losing one website, think of it as a step into the future .... a SMARTer future.

    Thanks and God Bless America,


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    Read the first post again - It's been updated

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    April Fools.....ya got me......OK.... happy fooled an old man......Someday you're going to need me to pull your smart car out of a ditch......ha ha ha....I'll give you a ride to the nearest Chevy dealer.....
    Ideas are like children: there are none so wonderful as your own.

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    Sounds to me like your selling out to the smart car people. so if its a business thing just say so. be honest. whatever there are other Chevy/ GM. sites.


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    YEA GOOD ONE STEVE, came home from work checked my e-mails and there it was ,another hard working american giving up and tucking his tail between his legs, and surrendering. Than I realized what day it was. Ok had me there for a few seconds.

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    well i guess I should have read further on, cause you got me for sure. Dang it! And just last night I was warning my kids to watch out for April fools day pranks. Good one. I can't believe I fell for it but you got me.


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