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    Default Power Window mod on 2009 Sierra

    After driving an Isuzu for 20 years as a work truck, I found a deal on a 2009 Sierra on the lot of Royal Cadillac, GMC that I couldn't pass up. WT model with Xcab, long bed, towing package, limited slip rear end and the 5.3L V8. Everything I need for a work truck. Only drawback, no power options. Fortunately I do accessories for work, so power door locks, power windows and cruise control here we come.

    Here is my write up on the power window install. First I ordered a set of replacement motors and guides from A1 Electric. They cost only $220 for the pair. The switches, wiring and relays added about another $75.

    You will need a small flat blade screwdriver, a 10mm socket with extension, needle nose pliers, panel popper, tape (or a friend) and some electrical knowledge.

    First step is to remove the door panels. There are 2 small covers that need to be popped out to expose screws. One behind the door pull and one behind the door handle. Carefully pry out with a small screwdriver and remove the screws. Remove the lock tab by popping the little square tab and lifting straight up. Next remove the window crank handle by sliding the horseshoe clip out with the small flat blade or handle removal tool (if you have one). Carefully pop the door panel loose by working your way around the outside. This can be done by hand, with a flat blade or a door panel popper. Once loose, rotate the panel so as to see the handle cable still attached to the handle pull. Use the needle nose pliers to pinch the clip holding the cable, pull thru the slot and remove the cable from the handle.

    After removing the door panels, remove the final screw holding the support bracket and remove the bracket. At this point, run a piece of tape on your glass up and over the doorframe and down the other side to hold the glass in place (or have a friend hold it). Then remove the 3 bolts and 2 nuts holding the manual crank and guides. Loosen the 2 screws that pinch the glass on the slides. Lower the crank to drop it off the glass. Rotate the two guides and remove. On the new unit, loosen the 2 screws on the pinch clamps at this point. Insert the replacement power unit in the reverse manor. Install the five screws to hold the power unit in place. Carefully connect a 12-volt source to the power unit to slide the pinch clamps over the bottom of the window. Carefully tighten the 2 screws. Replace the support bracket (only insert the bottom bolt at this time). At this point your power windows are installed. Now on to the electrical part of the job.

    Now that the mechanical part of the job is done, it's time time to start the electrical part. Using this wiring diagram create your harness with 4 relays, 4 pigtail plugs and 6 colors of 16 gauge wiring.

    After the regulators and glass are back in place, the next step is to install the switches in the door panel. I had no desire to replace my door panels with the panels from a power version, so I found some momentary (on) off (on) switches. I cut the holes in the panels in front of the grab bar and connected the wires. I will be printing legends to place on top of the switch for easy recognition. Now my doors are fully powered. I will be covering the crank hole with an inset panel when I install my leather interior.

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    Wow! Great writeup!
    "If orange juice had armpits, maybe."
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