Hey all, just wanted to put up a for sale ad as unfortunately i've gotta sell my baby (well, one of them). I'm located in new jersey, 15 minutes from philly, if you're interested drop me an email. Thanks!

Up for sale is my 1987 Chevy Suburban. The truck has a very strong 350 TBI engine which is stock aside from the Headman Headers which flow into a 3" true dual exhaust all the way back. The trans shifts smooth and is the bulletproof TH400, and its mated to the equally bulletproof NP208 transfer case. This drivetrain moves this truck pretty quick for a big boy, the 37" superswamper tsl tires still have lots of tread on them. The front axle is a Corporate 10 bolt with fresh 4.10 spider gears (less than 30k miles old) and the rear is a Corporate 14 bolt with 4.10 gears installed at the same time as the front. The truck has a 3" body lift and an 8" Superlift suspension lift, theres plenty of room for bigger tires but this setup is what would pass NJ lift inspection. The body is pretty straight, rocker panels are pretty rusty and rear barn doors have some dents but otherwise its straight. This is the 3/4 ton suburban, and yes it does have the third bench seat installed.

In review:
Stock 350 TBI engine (upper end rebuild less than 10k miles ago)
TH400 trans
NP208 Transfer case
37" superswamper tsl tires
8" superlift lift kit
3" body lift
Corporate front and rear, 10 and 14 bolt respectively
4.10 Gears
NEW PARTS: Both cylinder heads, headgaskets, exhaust and intake gaskets, Deka battery, MAP sensor, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, oil changes done regularly, Brake master cylinder, steel braided brake lines, pads, shoes, wheel cylinders.

This truck isnt without flaw, its not a looker as you can tell, but it will get you through anything you put it up against off road. It's got a slow trans leak, its the gasket between the trans and transfer case which should be a cheap fix. the rear brakes arent putting out much effort, believe that to just be a T fitting on the rear axle, but the truck stops just fine as is. This truck is very close to passing emissions, it got a reading of 500 when nj law needs it to be 300 HC. A fresh set of plugs might fix that. This truck has passed the lifted vehicle inspection and gone through the tilt test multiple times with no problem!

I'm asking $3500 for this big boy.

If you've got any questions feel free to email me, jhendry25@hotmail.com. Thanks!

P.S: I'm also open to trades on running vehicles (but not another burb, need better than 16 mpg!)