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    Default Larger Gas Tank?

    I tried searching but couldnít find any info. Anyone put a larger or aux gas tank in their suburban? I know that the 45 gallon factory tank is big, but I want a bigger one. I donít like stopping for gas. I would like to get to at least 65 gallons total fuel capacity, with a larger or auxiliary fuel tank.

    My rig is a 1999 K2500 4x4 454 w/ wipple supper charger. 6 + 2 lift w/ 35" tires. 12 mpg @ 60 mph.


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    I've not heard of anyone putting in a second tank on a burb, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done.

    About the only place you could put one would be forward of your existing tank. Your current tank sits at the absolute rear of your burb.
    If you crawl under there, you'll see a sweet spot for a shallow tank just under where the third seat mounts.

    If you decide to tackle this project please post a DIY with lots of pics, as I'm sure someone else may want to do it.
    Rhode Island

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    My thoughts are to get the stock tank enlarged by having a section welded in to the middle of it to make it deeper. I am not sure how this would work with the fuel pump as I have never changed a fuel pump. Also I could add a fuel cell between the frame and the side nerf bars and put the filler neck in the rear wheel well.

    I was hoping someone had found an aftermarket tank that would work to replace the stock tank. I was looking for something from transfer flow that is listed for a different application but would work in a suburban.

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    Cody-Ha, I wondered why you would want a bigger tank-I can go over 900 miles on a tank-highway-with my 1998 Suburban 2wd 5.7 (209,600 miles) 44 gallon tank- THEN I NOTICED YOU HAD THE 454- EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! 454 4x4 supercharger-12 mpg.I get 21 mpg at60- 65 mph or so with the CC on and on level interstates between New Orleans and Flagstaff AZ.

    I would be tempted to jury rig something-maybe with an accessory tank riding on a hitch carrier. Granted,I'm a jury rigger and this could be dangerous.

    The welding sounds like the best idea to me, but aren't some of these tanks some sort of fancy plastic??

    Good luck,
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    if, like me, you don't care about the back cargo space you could get a refueling tank i have the black one that is in the picture here snug fit had to remove the spare but who cares and i have a rubber mat on the floor but i can go forever before i need to fill up at a gas station lol but damn is the bill huge
    95 gmc k2500 sle 7.4L

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    We need the cargo space inside, the girlfreind bring everything but the kitchen sink with, when we go on vaction. Especially if we bring he young son with.

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    Default Saddle tank

    I pulled the saddle tank and hangers out of a 94 silverado diesel that i was parting out, put a y in the filler hose, pulled the internal fuel pump made a plate and plugged the hole, installed a fitting lower on the tank for an external high flow pump to the main tank inlet , alot cheaper then messing around with the pump and sending unit , with a switch on the dash an extra 38 gallons i believe just keep an eye on the gauge when your filling it up ! that part i havnt looked into , on the other hand i dont see why a guy couldnt just run a line from the bottom of one to the other and then another a line from the top of one to the other to vent let gravity do the work i believe it should self fill and level themselves out , just install a switched soliniod valve in between to isolate the one from the other when not in use ! the fatbob tanks on my old harley uses this princible to self level the two huh seems reasonable good luck
    TM4HAMMER1 !!
    96 SUBURBAN LS 7.4 L

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    The saddle tank idea would work. Do you have any pictures of it looks when installed? Just a general picture of what it looks like from the side of the suburban when done.

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    I used to fly helo's in the Army... we used AUX tanks made by a company called Robertson... You could flip a toggel switch and the "Robby" tank would pump gas into the Main Tanks... you could watch the Main fuel guage fill up - then shut off fuel tranfer.

    This would be AWESOME to have on the civilian heavy truck market! I've been drawing out a home-brew version, but if anyone knows of a professional source for this, do tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caddiac View Post
    I am ex-Air Force. Ever heard of aerial refuelling? Don't think you will find anybody willing to try that on the interstate though!
    thats a good one..

    I would try the sadle tank idea and if you could actually figure out how to wire in the transfer pump so when your tank got low it would refill the tank and shut itself off when the tank was full would be nice..
    I have seen people up here run a saddle tank in conjunction with a Main tank... They plumbed the filler neck into the wheel well.. And ran a transfer pump as described.. Worked wonders..


    1997 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4X4 with 330K miles and counting (Hunting rig).

    2009 Saturn Aura XE (wifes car)

    2011 F-150 Crew 4X4

    "Hold it to the floor till you see God.... Then Brake!!!!"

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