We are looking at purchasing a suburban for hauling our 19 ft 1973 layton travel trailer. It's small but old so its heavy. This isn't a vehicle we will be using all the time. It will be mainly used for towing. We typically go out 6 times per year but live in Central Washington so we travel over mountains fairly often. We are looking at an '87 3/4 ton 4x4 with a 350 turbo 400, an '89 with a 454 or a '92 with a 454 that has #1 cylinder that is misfiring d/t a faulty headgasket. Price on it is cheap but it would need that work. We are wondering if we need the 2500 due to going over mountains or if a 1500 would work or... if we could find a diesel. We can't afford a lot right now. Any thoughts???