Hey all!

I'm just trying to confirm my research. I'm trying to get a replacement transmission for a 1990 GMC Sierra 2500. From visual inspection, it appeared to have a Chevy 350 and a TH700R4 tranny. A 700R4 in a 3/4 ton truck doesn't seem quite right, but I don't think it's ever been swapped. So, I decided to look up the RPO codes in the glovebox. According to the RPO codes, it has a 305 and a 700R4. Wow, a small motor AND a 700R4 transmission in a 3/4 ton. So, I just need to know if it makes sense that it has a 700R4 transmission in it, and not a 4L60E or a 4L80E. I thought they went electronic by then, but I swear it looked like a 700R4. Am I right? Junkyard, here I come!