I am lead to believe that I have a TH350 that is slipping. It shifts from 1st to 2nd and not to third. It doesn't always shift at the same point either. I have little experience with transmissions and have checked what I know. Fluid is good, Vacuum is good and kickdown linkage is fine. I even checked the Governor gear and it has little wear on it. I even replaced it with one that was in a more used condition than that to check the problem.....and the problem still occurs. Sometimes it even stops working completely after a complete stop...I stop trans is in gear and it does nothing, acts like its in neutral. When I turn it off I get a squeaking noise and I know it isn't the motor as it doesn't spin and the drive shaft is still after shutdown. This is why I believe it is a slipping clutch pack or a bad band or something else...please tell me your opinion.